Alan Somerville

Alan Somerville has been utilising the bronze casting process for his figurative work with Crawfords Casting spanning over 20 years. Somerville has built a repertoire of work, ranging in sizes from small to life-size to monumental, with his stylistic gestures clearly identifiable in each piece. Somerville is a modernist who brings a highly expressive quality to his figures. Somerville has been noted as today's representative who matches the great expressive masters like Rodin, Degas and Daumier.

'As a figurative sculptor I aim to capture the essence of the subject based on strong form. Movement, energy and emotion are very important. I strive for these qualities in my work and value them above absolute anatomical correctness and overworked highly detailed finishing which often destroys spontaneity and feeling. Good art and sculpture should test the viewer’s imagination.' - Alan Somerville