Tim Storrier

The Histrionic Wayfarer was cast numerous times by Crawfords in 3 dimensional bronze. Originally Storrier had created this piece in 2D as a painting which won the Archibald prize. 

Tim Storrier (b 1949) is an Australian artist that is best known for his Archibald winning painting The Histrionic Wayfarer 2012.  He has also won the Sir John Sulman Prize and The Packing Room Prize allowing him become one of Australia's most sought-after artists.

Crawford's recast The Histrionic Wayfarer in bronze at approximately 2.2 metres high allowing the famous painting to be seen transformed in another medium and in life-like proportions. 

The Histrionic Wayfarer by Tim Storrier

The Histrionic Wayfarer is a bronze representation by Tim Storrier of his Archibald winning painting. Storrier won the Archibald painting prize in 2012 for his painting The Histrionic Wayfarer (after Bosch) and has worked with Crawford's Casting to create multiple representations of this sculpture in bronze. It is based on life-size dimensions measuring 210.0 x 142.0 x 82.0 cm in total. The Crawfords team moulded and cast this sculpture and Storrier also used our services to install the sculpture.