3D Printing Technique utilised by Eberhard Franke

How does an artist reproduce an artwork from small to large scale? Crawford's Casting offers a consultation and production process to recreate this method. The artist Eberhard Franke reimagines his artwork 'Der Grosse, Der-Die-Das' with the assistance of Crawford's casting and 3D Printing Studios Sydney.

3D scanning and virtual design were provided by 3D Printing Studios to reformat 'Der Grosse, Der-Die-Das' into 3D print which enlarged the original to approx 6 times the scale. Subsequently, traditional master-moulding by hand, wax-work and bronze casting were carried out to reproduce this artwork. A mirror polish finish was undertaken to further enhance Franke's artwork which is in homage to abstract artist Jean (Hans) Arp . Finally the artist's name and title of artwork was hand engraved on bronze label which was fabricated on wooden stand.

At Crawford's we love to explore new methodologies and continuously built partnerships which ensure we deliver a service that best suits our artists desires. New technologies engaging with the lost-wax process is new territory we anticipate using more in future.