Installation of Anzac Digger on Anzac Bridge

Installation of artworks: 

Crawford's Casting has over 40 years experience installing artworks in Sydney, in broader Australia and internationally. In conjunction with stakeholders a project plan can be drawn up to safely install projects on site. Spatial assessment of the site is considered and the dimensional factors are met along with adhering to WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulations 2017. Crawford's commits to creating long-standing, safe and structurally sound installations.

The Installation of the Anzac Diggers on the Anzac Bridge was a two-fold project with two soldiers being cast over a few years. Alan Somerville is the artist that sculpted these 4 metre tall figures. The images document the arrival of the first sculpted mould, the welding process and installation.


Installation of Anzac Digger on Anzac Bridge
Arrival of original sculpture
Original Anzac Digger sculpture by Alan Somerville
Feet and head segments for welding
Welding torso of Anzac Digger
Welding top half of figure
Assembling bronze figure
Armature in base
Assembling Anzac figure
Installation preparation of Anzac Digger
Installation transportation of Anzac Digger
Installation of Anzac Digger on Anzac Bridge